COVID-19 - Envelopes with a self-sanitising surface protection

With regards to current safety measures being taken across all industries, business and care services, confidence that all cutlery has been cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard possible is a concern to all.

Working with James Cropper, Heritage Envelopes has developed the Cleaned & Sealed envelope to help combat any worries.

Made using PaperGard technology, which provides an integrated solution giving protection to the paper surface for the life of the product. PaperGard is designed for use in applications where surface protection is a priority and where reducing risk from bacteria or viral contamination may be a consideration. For further details please click on the samples to the right.

Cleaned & Sealed envelopes have been created through intensive research and development, to ensure the contents are stored securely, maintaining the protective properties of the paper, with a length of perforation for end user simplicity.

As well as the benefits of maintaining clean, sanitised cutlery, PaperGard is also made from fresh fibre: ensuring the environmental morals of both Heritage Envelopes and James Cropper are preserved.

Cleaned & Sealed envelopes come in the size 253mm x 115mm.

They are available pre-printed with the Cleaned & Sealed emblem and logo, PaperGard logo and recycled logo, with the option to overprint your own logo onto the envelope.