Envelope Overprinting

You take a finished envelope and add print to it.

Litho printing is used for printing high quality and close register images. In the UK we have 20 litho overprinting jet-presses specifically designed for adding print to finished envelope stock and because we make our own stock and store it on site you can be sure of a consistent envelope quality and design every time you order.

The presses are capable of printing 1 or 2 colour designs or complex, eye-catching and vibrant 4-colour process images. These are quick change machines so are ideal for short and long runs which produce the highest quality finish to your print with a quick turnaround which means if you need printed envelopes in a hurry, then this might be the option for you.

  • Halm and Winkler & Dunnabier printing presses capable of printing all of the popular sizes 
  • Simple single colour text or postal insignia
  • Eye-catching 4-colour process (CMYK) images
  • Chevron overprint such as DNR or Airmail print designs
  • Printed on face, flap and reverse
  • 24 hour turnaround available if needed
  • Printed using UV inks so there’s no need to apply a sealer
  • Silver blocking available to update PPI’s

Why not consider letting us supply your printed envelopes?