Autoflat Envelopes

Inserting machines have evolved over recent years to increase output but envelopes have not changed – until now!

Our envelopes are designed specifically to  REDUCE DOWNTIME  due to fewer stoppages and in some cases increase running speeds which means you get more mail pieces output from your machines per hour than conventional mailing wallets. 

If production downtime and output are important to you then why not let us explain how you could benefit?

The first advancement in envelope technology for decades.

For increased strength and security.

Reinforced seams keep the envelopes flat for high speed insertion.

Used with the most popular inserting machines.

Used throughout, so you can be sure the paper used is from certified sustainable sources.

Achieve maximum performance with 90gsm or 80gsm – in tests the 80gsm was equally efficient so you could reduce the weight of the mail-piece AND reduce paper consumption which means you could reduce postage and reduce your impact on the environment.