print finishing.

Once you look beyond standard office envelope ranges – and even here, selected office products & paper distributors customise their envelopes with printed opaques and branding – nearly all envelopes for the mailing sector require bespoke print and production of some description.

This could be a simple printed design applied to a regular and common specification or it could include customised window sizes and positions to accommodate the address box of a customer’s printed content or require unique and eye-catching finishing to attract optimum response rates.

We now have the capability to further enhance your envelopes with excellent, eye-catching print finishing to add texture and bring to life the surface of the envelope.

Spot Varnish

See how selected elements of the print, lift off the page when spot varnished – in this case how the spraying champagne looks as if it is sprayed across the surface of envelope and the reflective glass of the bottle .

Perforated Tabs

These encourage interaction and engagement from each recipient of the mailing. A call-to-action, promoting intrigue and anticipation to get the mail opened quickly. A perforated tab offers additional interaction with the mail-piece.

Bind Embossing

Bringing the image to life with texture – in this case the foil cased neck of the bottle, the rim of the winners medal and the text on the perforated tab are embossed creating texture, offering further interaction when the recipient smooths their finger-tips across the surface.

Double Windows

2 window apertures can be included, in the front, the back or one on each side to reveal additional messages to help promote the importance of the contents, stimulating focus on the critical message.