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One of the most modern factories
in Europe.

The plant includes our offices for sales, accounts and administration, our reprographics department, production planning, stock and bespoke envelope manufacturing and printing, quality control and warehousing & despatch – all managed in-house under one roof.

We have built our reputation on quality and reliability since the business was established in 1986. Our CEO, Mark Sears has been in envelope manufacturing, starting as a machine adjuster in 1977 and joined Heritage Envelopes in 1989 and it is his strive for product quality and manufacturing efficiency which drives the business today.

The business has over 20 machines capable of producing and printing 2.5 billion envelopes every year. We make inserting machine envelopes for the mailing companies and business envelopes for printing or the office products sector supporting industries such as the financial sector, governmental departments, utilities, charity organisations, retailers, mail order and direct mail sectors and many more.

We have over 120 factory and office workers here in Blackburn which supports the local community and now the factory has been identified by our owners Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH as their UK centre for manufacturing excellence.

12 high speed reel-fed envelope machines capable of producing more than 1200 envelopes per minute.
State of the art, brand new W+D 628 machine purchased in 2020. The first of its kind to be installed in Europe, capable of embossing, spot UV and double windows.
UK based plant so you know we are in control of your order from artwork to manufacturing to despatch.
Warehousing and logistics – all located just 1 mile from the motorway network for nationwide distribution.
Envelope overprinting so you can be sure of consistent stock quality and control of your order.
Further processing equipment offering in-house folding, banding and shrink-wrapping.
On-site reprographics team to allow efficient processing of artwork, labels and plates.
Direct communication between our account handlers and production planning.
Manufacturing over 2 billion envelopes every year.
Efficient and quality driven envelope manufacturing.

The highest Production

When producing billions of envelopes each year, for time critical mail production customers it is important to have a wide range of machines at your disposal to offer fast turnround of customer volumes, efficient and cost-effective production process whilst maintaining the highest standards and print finishing. 

The envelopes we produce in our UK plant are manufactured on reel-fed envelope machines with multiple flexographic print units. These machines, depending on product size and specification can produce envelopes upward of 1,100 envelopes every minute, cutting windows and profiles so quickly, to the naked eye it is simply a blur. 

We produce envelopes for the paper and office products sector typically for use in office correspondence. The largest proportion of the envelopes we manufacture are for quality sensitive auto-inserting mail production, where print and product quality for quick, trouble-free and reliable auto-mated inserting and processing is critical to our customers. 

Management of quality is supported and evidenced by our ISO certification for both quality management systems and environmental management systems to support our mission to become the most environmentally efficient manufacturer in our market.

The machine park comprises wallet and pocket machines and our latest multi-million pound investment W+D628 machine offering superb print quality and print finishing for enhanced image impact. 

We have also extended our machine park and capabilities with additional multi-million pound investment in paper bread bag machines. This also means we can now produce against our BRC foods standard certification, bread and bakery bags for the food retail sector. 

To maintain the machine park and ensure continued peak performance, just like any high-performing machine it is of paramount importance to keep machines running in tip-top condition. We are proud to have our own in-house engineering team who operate a planned maintenance programme, cleaning, servicing and repairing machines against a pre-determined schedule, supporting our skilled machine operators to produce the highest quality, reliable envelopes.